Toxic Playground   2016 - Dröm Dig Hem - - AVID
Reality show for Swedish real estate portal and TV4 about personal home projects, from compact living to a dream mansion.

Directed by Johan Skog. Produced by Storyfire.


  2016 - Sopkriget - 50' - Premiere
  Current affairs about the waste from luxury restaurants. The City of Stockholm is supposed to handle it, but the restaurants outsource it to other operators. Is it legal?. A war and a scandal is revealed.

Directed by Andreas Rocksén.
Produced by Laikafilm for Uppdrag Granskning/Swedish Television-SVT.

    2015 - The Art of Killing a Politician
Toxic Playground  

The Art of Killing a Politician Sandra Torres - first woman to become president of Guatemala? A tenacious struggle for social reforms in a violent country. Slandered in the mass media for her social commitment. Her candidacy is declared invalid.

Produced by Original Film AB.
Written and directed by Ulf Hultberg & Åsa Faringer.
Coproduction with Swedish Film Insitute and Dokument Utifrån-SVT

    2014 - Storm in the Andes

Josefin grew up in Sweden with a family myth about how her Peruvian aunt Augusta died in armed struggle for the poor. Augusta and her husband Abimael Guzman created the communist movement Sendero Luminoso and initiated a war that lasted twenty years. In Storm in the Andes Josefin travels to Peru to find out the truth. There she meets Flor who was born into the war. It changes her life forever.

Written and directed by Mikael Wiström. Funds from Swedish Film Insitute and SVT and others.

    2010 - Last Chapter (Goodbye Nicaragua) - Último Capítulo
    A feature length documentary about guilt and blood-stained ideologies. A bomb explodes for the first time at a press-conference in the jungle between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, killing and wounding more than 20 journalists. Now, a long time after, Swedish journalist Peter Torbiörnsson tries to find the brains behind this act of terrorismand he finally has to face the truth that it was his former friends that caused so many devastated lives of his colleagues. A journey through a landscape of lost revolutions and vanished dreams.

2010 Best documentary - Seville European Film Festival
2011 Best documentary - Nordisk Panorama, Aarhus
2011 Best international documentary - DOCSDF, Mexico City


Written and directed by Peter Torbiörnsson. Coproduction EdenFilm, SVT, Estudi Playtime, TV3-Catalunya, funds from Swedish Film Insitute

    2009 - Imprescindibles - Two one hour biographical documentaries - Final Cut

One about Spanish script writer Rafael Azcona and the other about Catalonian writer Josep Pla..

Written and directed by Fernando Olmeda. Produced by Notro Television for TVE (

Toxic Playground   2009 - Toxic Playground (Blybarnen) - 58' - FinalCutPro
  Documentary about the toxic waste from a Swedish mine company, Boliden, that was dumped in the 80's in the town of Arica, northern Chile. It would cause a mayor health problem, especially for children living near by.
  2009 New Nordic Talent - Nordisk Panorama
2009 Pärnu International Film Festival - Best Film on Man and Nature
2010 Prix de la Terre - Parisscience
2011 Le Grand Prix du FIGRA
2011 Prix Jury Jeunes FIGRA
2011 Prix EST-Lille

Directed by William Johansson and Lars Edman. Produced by Laikafilm.





    2007 - The Return of Elder Pingree - 52'

Documentary-in-progress that follows lapsed Mormon Geoff Pingree as he retraces the steps he took 25 years ago in Guatemala as devout missionary 'Elder Pingree.' Combining archival material and contemporary footage, the film pairs Elder Pingree's earlier, single-minded journey with Geoff Pingree's ambivalent return to Guatemala in 2006 as he seeks to find the Guatemalans who once trusted him with their religious faith, attempts to understand the unsettling political conditions of which he was ignorant as a regimented missionary, and grapples with the basic human dilemma of how one can and ought to do good in the world.

Produced, directed, and written by Geoff Pingree, with financial support from The Writers' Bloc and from The Documentary Production Initiative at Oberlin College

    2006 - Den stora olyckan - 56' - FinalCutPro

Documentary about the director's childhood, an accident and life in Stockholm postwar 40's
By Peter Torbiörnsson/Vitögat Film&Television and SVT, Swedish TV

    2005 - Visits in Hell - 46' - FinalCutPro

Documentary, 46 min, about sexual abuse, criminal mara gangs, illegal adoptions and social cleansing of street children in Guatemala and Mexico.
Produced Åsa Faringer and Ulf Hultberg with funds from Swedish TV4

The Last Lacandones   2005 - The Last Lacandones - 56' - FinalCutPro

Creative documentary filmed in 2001-2004, about the lacandones, the inhabitants of the disappering rain forest in southern Chiapas, Mexico.

By Peter Torbiörnsson/Vitögat Film&Television with funds Swedish Filminstitute and SVT, Swedish TV


    2003 - Vi bara drömde... (They had a dream...) - 1h FinalCutPro

Documentary. A poetic and personal account of the bond between the director Lena Luckis own Polish family history and the Mongolian family that she knew when she lived there as a child. The film flashes back to the common history of the two families: The communist utopia of the sixtees.
FrontFilm with funds from Swedish TV, SVT

    2002 - Argentina's missing children - 58' - FinalCutPro

Documentary about a young woman looking for her brother, that was born in prision and taken away by argentine militaries. Both parents were among the nearly 30000 disappeared during the last dictatorship in Argentina.

Directed by Fatima LLorens, produced by FrontFilm with funds from Swedish TV, SVT

    2002 - Che Argentina - 5 x 15' - AVID

Five pieces about different young people in Argentina touching topics such as street artists, tango, disappeared persons in the last dictatorship, soccer and gaucho life. The series is part of a Spanish language course for educational television.

Produced by Göran Gester Films for Utbildningsardion, Swedish TV

    2001 - Kiruna BB - 58' - FinalCutPro

A poetic sensitive documentary about the closing of Maternity Clinic in a nothern Swedish town and the effects of centralizing and cutting budget cutting in Swedish health system.
Ventanafilm with funds from Swedish TV and Swedish Filminstitute

The Labyrinth of Truth   2001 - The Labyrinth of Truth - 1h15' - AVID

Creative documentary about peace and reconciliation in post war Nicaragua.
Director of Photography, cameraman and editor.

Produced and directed by Nitza Kakoseos/ElectramediaKakoseos Productions


1999 - Street Love - 1h15' - AVID

Drama-documentary for theatre release about a prostitute in Mexico City.
Directed by Åsa Faringer, produced by Ulf Hultberg

    test 2003 Best Women Film Award —San Francisco International Film Festival
    Orginalfilm, Zentropa/Triangelfilm
Making of La Nube   1998 - Making Of "La Nube" - 25' - AVID

Backstage of the movie "La Nube" of Fernando "Pino" Solanas.
Director, cameraman and editor. Cinesur /Les Images du Sud


    1997 - Disappeared: Dagmar Hagelin - 26' - AVID

A father, Swedish citizen, tells the story about his daughter who disappeared during the military dictatorship in Argentina 1977.
Cameraman and editor. Directed by Peter Torbiörnssom, funds from TV4/Sweden

    1997 - "La participación comunitaria"
& "Cómo armar un proyecto comunitario" - 12 x 15' - AVID

Series of 12 educational videos for the"Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Sociedad Civil "
Secretaría de Desarrollo Social de la Nación / Argentine ministry of Social Development

Talking to the enemy  

1994 - Talking to the Enemy - 58' - Betacam SP


Award winning documentary about a multi millionaire businessman who was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerillas during the war. The film shows how the peace agreement in El Salvador made possible the reconciliation between old enemies.


  test 1995 The Grand Coral Prize - Best Foreign Film-Havana International Film Festival
1995 Gold Award —Chicago International Film Festival
1995 Gold Award —Bahía International Film Festival
1996 Finalist Award —The New York Festivals

by Nitza Kakoseos, ELECTRA MEDIA-Kakoseos Productions with funds from SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE

    1990 - Tales about children in Nicaragua - 10-15' - Linear Betacam SP

Four shorts-films about daily life in post war Nicaragua
Björnes Magasin /Utbildningsradion

Exile   1989 - Exile - 1h15' - 16mm-Steenbeck


Two feature lenght documentaries for movie theatre distribution and TV, about a sister who is a guerilla fighter in El Salvador, and her family in exile in Sweden.
Director of Photography, cameraman and editor.

  test 1989 Best Documentary of the year-Expressen, main Swedish eveningpaper

Swedish Filminstitute /SVT Kanal 1 Dokumentär.

    1986 - Chela-Love, dreams and struggle in Chile - 40' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary about a 16 year old girl from the slums of Santiago de Chile, in times of military dictatorship.
Director of Photography, cameraman, editor and music.
Produced by Lars Bildt, directed by Lars Palmgren.. Funds from Swedish Filminstitute.

    1985 - Don’t Cry for Me Argentina - 50' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary by Leif Hedman about Argentina.
TV2/SWEDEN / German TV / Finnish TV

    1985 - The Miner’s Strike - 58' - 16mm-KEM

Documentary about the social conditions of the miners in Wales
Tigerfilm, KjellÅke Andersson

  1985 - On the Loose - 35' - 35mm-Steenbeck

Medium length feature film for movie theatre release about, the pride of young industrial workers and thie work ethic. Featuring the rock-group Europe, and Swedish veteran rock singer Jerry Williams.
LO (National Trade Union)









    1984 - G-the film - 1h15' - Super 16mm-Steenbeck

Feature-movie in 35mm about hashish, love and rock music. The film was panned by critics, but the young audience loved it. It became a cult movie.

Directed by Staffan Hildebrand
Produced by SF, Svensk Filmindustri.


    1982 - Mission: The Shoemaker’s Gang (Uppdrag Skomakarligan) - 1h 30' 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary about a anti-drug police force and the capture of a hi-level heroin smuggling organization.

    test The Golden Antenna: Best Freelance Production for Swedish TV

    1981 - The Week when Roger was Killed (Veckan då Roger Dödades) - 35' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary/ficción about a real case of street-violence among youngsters in Stockholm.
Swedish Filminstitute.

Best youth-film, Barnens Bio Kontrast

    1980 - Bai Bang-the Paper Mill - 50' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Corporate documentary about a huge paper mill aid project in North Vietnam
SIDA Swedish Foreign Aid Organization

    1978 - The Land of 14 (Fjortonårslandet) - 58' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary about youth culture among teenagers:
Punks, skaters and rock music.

    1976 - Ti-a boy in Bangkok - 40' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary about a street-boy.
Editor, soundman and camera-assistant. TV2/SWEDENUsed as educational material in schools in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

    1975 - From Delsbo to Saigon (Från Delsbo Till Saigon) - 40' - 16mm-Steenbeck

Documentary about folk music in Saigon and in a village of northern Sweden..
Editor, soundman and camera-assistant. TV2/SWEDEN.

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